Wednesday, 18 January 2012


      If you think you are not a student and all that I spoke till now is concerned to you in no way,  and you are an average income group employee, middle aged, with so many worries and frustrations.  You try to drown your problems in this river of drinks so that you get a temporary relief.  But do you know that this habit becomes a huge boulder tied to your neck which constantly tries to drown you in this ocean. Before you realize that you are in danger, you are in neck level trouble. You cannot wriggle , come out and sail to the shores safely. You are bound to helplessly watch your family scrap out all they have to save you in vain. If you have left enough for your family to live a decent life in your absence , well and good. If not they are thrown on streets and up living a horrible life.
       You might have umpteen reasons to say that you need that horrible drink ,but it is true it does not take you anywhere near the solutions to your problems. In fact it  not only intensifies the magnitude of your existing problems but also creates new might have an non understanding wife, no or problematic children , insufficient salary ,struggling to make the two ends meet,unsuccessful career or health problems. drinking is not the correct solution.
        It is very difficult to quit this habit , I agree. But  nothing is impossible and see the amount of happiness it brings in your family once you start quitting it. Get  professional help and family support to kick this habit. Then  you can solve your problems  more confidently and with positive approach .

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