Monday, 22 August 2011


The other day  I  was pushed into a embarassing situation with no fault of mine . I was on my scooty to my home with my son. I had to take a left turn and so I gave the left signal and tried to turn my vehicle, when from no where  came a motorcycle and hit me I suppose he was riding at 100km/hr for such was the impact ,that  me and my son were thrown down and my vehicle was badly damaged.. The youth on the motorcycle was least bothered. Adding to my woes he went on to say  that  I was on the wrong side and that I was driving slow.  I was blocking his path, it seems. A few people gathered there, most of them his friends.  I wonder why should anyone drive so fast risking their and others lives.Today's  youth are required to be more responsible. they have to lead our nation. they have to come out with solutions for all national problems. But they seem to create problems instead of minimising them..I know that today's youth have lot of strength,ideas,courage and commitment.  Let them consider their lives precious  and honour it.

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