Tuesday, 10 January 2012



               Most of us are worried on seeing Taj Mahal or Charminar getting ruined.But how many of us think about the ruining of God’s most beautiful creation –MAN. The common man is destroying himself under the influence of alcohol and drugs. It is very pathetic to see that even educated and well to do citizens are nowadays becoming victims of alcohol.  Once they get addicted they find it difficult to come out this evil clutches. Under the influence of alcohol or drugs they restort to dangerous crimes.
              What is the use of education if  it cannot  mould a person into  a  socially useful product of GOD.  An engineer, a lawyer or a doctor who is guaranteed for saving lives, under the influence of alcohol ,takes lives. What has happened to all moral lessons they have read from childhood?  Do they take a back seat in their mind?  Though the educated know that alcohol destroys the nervous system , why do they again drink it? Is it not the real fact  that once the get addicted to it, they find it difficult to stop. What should the govt do prevent their people from getting ruined? Should it not see that  alcohol and drugs are not easily available. But what does it do ? It gives licenses to open liquor shops anywhere and everywhere. We find these shops near schools,hospitals,and residential areas.
 Is it not promoting the ruining the human race?  Should we , the supposed to be well educated class encourage the govt to ruin our lives by buying and drinking liquor? Can’t we refrain ourselves from this evil habit.  If the educated themselves are not able to control themselves, what about the uneducated? So let’s give a thought about this before we decide to go for another peg.

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