Wednesday, 18 January 2012


              It is Saturday evening and most of us are getting ready to relax. You are a technical final year student and   have planned to meet your friends at a pub.  Might be this is the first time or you have done this a few times before , you start to have a few sips of drinks. This seems to be a occasional recreation in the beginning but slowly becomes addiction. You are not able to concentrate properly on any useful work nor think logically.  Slowly you start becoming weak, by the age of thirty five your body becomes a host for various aliments. At the age where you have to lead a happy life with your wife and children you are forced to drag a life of problems. If your stars are good , your wife may be cooperative or else quarrels, disputes and misunderstandings may  ruin your family life. Just because you bent for wrong happiness at young age you are deprived of leading a happy and successful life at a later age. Who is the  culprit? Who is responsible for the problems in your life.? Is it not the habit you thought as pleasure  metamorphosed into a gaint and ruined your happiness. Give this a little thought before you  are ready to gulp down the next peg.

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  1. Alcohol and drug addiction are merely external manifestations of a deeper dysfunction. Most people who identify such a problem believe that if they stop drinking or using drugs, the problem is gone. However, that is not entirely true, and failure to address those issues can cause greater pain and suffering further down in life when everyone around the addict/alcoholic is under the illusion that the problem has been overcome. I write about this at my blog on addiction and recovery at
    Mean Business. DO take a look and if you find it of value, do share it with your network.