Monday, 6 February 2012


                                                  REGAINING THE LOST GLORY ---1
                       The last decade saw a numerous changes in a man's life including the dress, habits ,education and social living.  All these had a positive impact on a man's  life while  the stream called  family relations under went a set back.  Most of the families had opted for nuclear living --- meaning living separately---away from their parents. Now the scenerio has changed a little more and taken a ugly turn--single parent system.  The elders should  infact be worried about where the world is moving to. If they wish to regain the lost  glory of united families they should start moving their pawns now, for sooner the better . If delayed one may not know what might happen with the future generation.
                   The present generation aged from thirty to fifty is more job and money oriented  than relation based. They are ready to forgo anything for the sake of their satisfaction . The word  'ADJUSTMENT '  seems to be missing in their dictionary.The present grand parents are helpless as they donot have reigns of their family in their hands. Their words seem to go in air and their thoughts  valueless.To make changes in the present situation, both the govt and individuals should put in efforts.  Let us think of the different ways how the govt can help. Here are a few.
 1-- Giving incentives to people who live with their parents.
 2-- Flexible working hours for ladies who look after their in laws.
  3--discounts in the school fees for the children of  joint family
  4--higher rates for the fd of people who maintain joint account with their parents.
 5--rebates and free gifts to the older people while buying household goods........
     If we put in efforts we can think of a few more.
   At least if such schemes can ooze the feeling of affection between the two generations , might be common pshycological problems faced by children,divorces due to silly reasons, and many other problems will take a downfall.

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  1. excellent post !
    Very true indeed :(
    There are some unanswered questions and yes, there exists a problem between generation, pretty shameful !
    That 5 points are GREAT.. some cabinet minister must read it..